Sedation Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA

Sedation Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA Brockley Dental Center

Did you know that many people, possibly even someone you know, might be avoiding the dentist because of anxiety? It’s more common than you’d think—it’s estimated that 36% of people in the US have some fear of dental treatment. Of that group, 12% have extreme fear, and 3% have dentophobia and won’t see a dentist at all. Brockley Dental Center provides sedation dentistry options to guarantee the comfort of individuals in the greater Pittsburgh area who may experience anxiety when visiting the dentist or undergoing dental procedures.

Breaking Down the Basics

Sedation Dentistry in Pittsburgh, PA Brockley Dental CenterSo, what is sedation dentistry? Simply put, it’s the use of sedatives to make dental procedures relaxing and pain-free. Unlike general anesthesia you might find in a hospital, with sedation dentistry, the patient remains awake during the procedure, but their anxiety melts away. Think of it like draping yourself in a warm, calming blanket, making the dental experience much smoother and more comfortable.

The reasons someone might opt for sedation dentistry in Pittsburgh are varied. Maybe they have a deep-seated fear of dental tools, needles, and blood, or perhaps sitting still for an extended period feels impossible. Some might have an extremely sensitive gag reflex or feel claustrophobic just being in the dental chair. Whatever the reasons that cause anxiety, our caring and compassionate team at Brockley Dental Center will do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible, no matter the procedure.

Types of Sedation Dentistry in Pittsburgh

At our clinic, we have a couple of options for sedation dentistry to choose from to help with dental anxiety:

  1. Nitrous oxide: Often known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is inhaled and begins working in minutes. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t actually induce a laughing fit but rather slows down your nervous system to help you feel tranquil and relaxed. Post-procedure, it exits the system quickly, enabling you to drive home independently.
  2. Conscious oral sedation: This involves taking a pill about an hour before the procedure. It might make you feel so relaxed that you doze off, but don’t worry; we will gently wake you when your treatment is over. With conscious oral sedation, we can usually complete your procedure in one or two visits, depending on how complicated it is. Due to the lingering effects of this type of sedation, you’ll need a ride home afterward.
  3. Dental therapy dogs: For those who need a furry friend’s assistance, our emotional support dogs, Penny and Prudence, are at your service. They work wonders, especially for kids!

Why Consider Sedation Dentistry in Pittsburgh?

Aside from allowing you to feel more relaxed at the dentist, there are plenty of reasons for Pittsburgh residents to consider sedation dentistry. For starters, it’s efficient—the calmer you are, the quicker the procedure can be completed. Plus, if the mere thought of the dentist has kept you far away from the office for many years, sedation dentistry can help you finally get the treatment you’ve been putting off.

Sedation can be very helpful for those with a tricky gag reflex, difficulty sitting still, or feelings of claustrophobia in the dental chair. Dr. Brockley has been specially trained in sedation dentistry since 1996, so you know you’re in the hands of an expert.

Cost and Financing Concerns

At Brockley Dental Center, we know that dental procedures can cause financial concerns. But here’s the thing: your health is an investment. Pushing away necessary treatments now could cause an even worse problem to surface in the long run. We believe affordable dental care should be available to all. That’s why we’ll review your insurance plan, so you know exactly what procedures and services are covered.

We’ve also partnered with financing companies like CareCredit to offer short- and long-term financing options with interest rates that will work for you. No matter your budget, we want to help you get the dental care you need.

Your Next Step

If the thought of the dentist makes your heart race, it’s time to consider sedation dentistry in Pittsburgh. Imagine being able to address your dental health without the shadow of anxiety looming over you! From routine check-ups to dental implants and tooth extractions, you deserve a stress-free experience. Our experienced team is ready to guide you and ensure that your visit is pleasant.

If you’re ready for a change, call us today to schedule your free consultation and discover how these life-changing accommodations can reshape your dental experience.

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