Full Mouth Reconstruction in Butler, PA

Having one or more missing teeth is a common concern for many Americans. In fact, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that adults ages 20 to 64 have an average of 25 remaining teethWhether they have been lost due to dental disease or physical trauma, missing teeth can lead many people to feel less confident about showing their smiles to the world. When multiple teeth are lost or damaged, many people seek full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstructions combine multiple dental procedures to restore a complete, healthy smile. 

At Brockley Dental Center, we offer full mouth reconstruction to patients in Butler, PA, and the Greater Pittsburgh area.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a customized dental treatment plan that aims to restore a complete set of teeth. It is popular among patients with severe tooth damage or loss due to periodontal disease, dental trauma, or age-related dental concerns.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Butler, PA Brockley Dental Center Mini Dental ImplantsDuring a full mouth reconstruction, damaged or decayed teeth can be removed and replaced. Common tooth replacements include dental implants, dentures, or bridges. 

In severe cases, bone or gum grafts may be necessary to restore jawbone material or resolve a receding gumline. These procedures might be required for patients with advanced periodontal disease that has been untreated for a long period.

The goal of full mouth reconstruction is to provide the patient with a full set of new, strong teeth. When you choose Brockley Dental for your full mouth reconstruction, you can achieve a new, beautiful smile that you are proud to show off!

Procedures Included in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction often consists of several different treatments to achieve a total smile transformation. Depending on your personalized treatment plan, these services may be part of your reconstruction:

Over the long term, missing teeth can cause pain, affect the alignment of other teeth, and lead to bone loss. That’s why replacing damaged or lost teeth is a primary goal of full mouth reconstruction. 

These are some of the most common procedures used to replace teeth during a full mouth reconstruction:

Mini Dental Implants

While you’ve probably heard of dental implants, you may not be familiar with mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are a simpler alternative to standard dental implants. They are smaller in size and involve a shorter procedure. 

Traditional dental implants consist of two pieces and can be 3 to 5 millimeters in diameter. In contrast, mini dental implants consist of one post that is only 1 to 3 millimeters in diameter. 

Placing mini dental implants is less invasive than placing standard implants, and this leads to a shorter recovery time. Most people are able to return to their usual activities the same day they have mini dental implants placed.

Mini dental implants can address a variety of serious dental issues. We can use them to replace one or more missing teeth, helping patients achieve a complete smile. We frequently use them to anchor and stabilize dentures, keeping denture sets from slipping in and out of place.


Fix on Six is an innovative restoration technique that utilizes dental implants and complete dentures. When you receive Fix-on-Six treatment, you will have a complete set of replacement teeth that are adhered to the jawbone using six strategically placed dental implants. 

One or two primary restoration pieces are attached to the jawbone with only six small implants. This technique is a great choice for many patients with total tooth loss.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If you wear traditional dentures, you may be familiar with the common issues that come with them. While old-fashioned dentures do give you a full, beautiful smile, they can also be inconvenient. Ill-fitting dentures are prone to shifting and slipping in and out of place when chewing or speaking. It’s also difficult to deal with the sticky adhesive that keeps dentures attached.

Implant-retained dentures are a solution to these common denture-related issues. When you receive implant-retained dentures, mini dental implants are strategically placed along your jawbone to hold your dentures in place. This can be done for a lower or upper denture or both. 

When secured tightly to the gumline with mini implants, your dentures will not slide out of place, and there is no longer any need for adhesive products.

Semi-Removable Bridge

Dental bridges are one or more artificial teeth that attach to adjacent natural teeth for support. Some dental bridges are fixed and cannot be removed, but at Brockley Dental, we often recommend semi-removable bridges. A semi-removable dental bridge is a dental restoration piece that can replace one or more missing teeth. These replacement teeth allow patients to remove the bridge for cleaning or other purposes.

Choosing Brockley Dental for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Choosing Brockley DentalWhy should you choose Brockley Dental for your full mouth reconstruction? From our wide array of services to our expert staff, there are a number of reasons more people in the Greater Pittsburgh area are choosing us for their dental treatments.

Large Selection of Services

One of the best reasons to have your full mouth reconstruction at Brockley Dental is our selection of services. We provide a range of dental treatments that can meet your needs, including implant-retained dentures and mini dental implants. These treatments can transform your smile and boost your overall confidence.

Highly Experienced Staff

When you have any kind of dental work performed, you want to know that you’re in good hands. At Brockley Dental, Donald B. Brockley, DMD, E. Ahono Gildersleeve, DDS, and Carmin Gonzalez, DDS, bring more than 50 years of combined experience to every procedure. 

Our team of professionals is highly skilled and expertly trained, and we work tirelessly to achieve the outcomes our patients desire.

Family Practice

Brockley Dental is a family practice, and we dedicate ourselves to compassionate and effective dental care. Dr. Brockley and Dr. Gildersleeve are a father-and-daughter team who work together to deliver supportive, caring treatment to all of their patients. 

State-of-the-Art Facility

One key factor behind a successful dental procedure is knowing the proper approach. With modern technology and innovative techniques, Brockley Dental sets itself apart from other dental clinics. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed by an expert dental team, who perform all of our treatments.

Transparent Consultations for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dental procedures like full mouth reconstruction can be costly. Brockley Dental alleviates some of this financial burden by offering transparent consultations for new patients. 

We want you to be fully informed before we begin treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Brockley, Dr. Gildersleeve, or Dr. Gonzalez will evaluate your dental concerns to identify any issues. From there, we will design a unique treatment plan that meets your specific needs. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction at Brockley Dental

Full mouth reconstruction is a beneficial treatment that can help transform your smile in no time at all. If you have broken, damaged, or missing teeth, you may be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction at Brockley Dental. 

Our team works with patients throughout Butler, PA, and the Greater Pittsburgh area. To schedule your consultation, contact us by phone or on our website.