Dentures in Butler, PA

Do you wear dentures to achieve a full, healthy smile? Traditional dentures are one of the most commonly used tooth replacement methods, but they do come with some concerns.

Ill-fitting dentures can often slide in and out of place, especially when you are eating or speaking. They also require a sticky adhesive that can be cumbersome to use, making it a daily annoyance to put your artificial teeth in.

If you like having dentures but hate dealing with shifting teeth or a sticky adhesive, it may be time to get implant-retained dentures. These prosthetics are secured in place with strategically placed dental implants, which hold them in alignment tightly against the gum line. 

At Brockley Dental Center, we offer implant-retained dentures among our wide selection of dental procedures. Learn more about how dental implants can stabilize a set of dentures and improve your quality of life.

What Are Dentures?

What Are Dentures?Dentures are one of the most popular dental restoration treatments. They are complete sets of top or bottom teeth that fit into your mouth to resolve total tooth loss. 

According to a recent survey of adults in the United States, an estimated 41 million people wear dentures. They are more common among people in their 40s or older, but they can also be necessary for young patients who have lost their teeth.

Implant-Retained Dentures

While traditional dentures create a full, beautiful smile, they do not come without issues. Most old-fashioned dentures require a sticky adhesive to stay in place. This adhesive doesn’t always hold the denture tightly to the gumline, causing it to slide around or shift out of place when chewing or speaking. 

Shifting and discomfort are also common if the prosthetic is ill-fitted for the patient.

One of the best ways to avoid ill-fitting prosthetics and eliminate the need for sticky adhesives is to get implant-retained dentures. These dentures are tooth restoration pieces held tightly to the gumline by strategically placed mini dental implants. This support prevents the denture from slipping in and out of place when chewing or speaking.

When you get implant-retained dentures, we place mini dental implants in specific areas of your mouth using a single, sleek screw per implant. The exact number of implants used will depend on the bone density of your jawbone and on whether you need lower or upper dentures. 

We then attach your prosthetic to these implants, which hold it more securely inside your mouth. While your mini dental implants will hold your teeth in place, certain types of implant dentures can still be removed without affecting the implants.

Types of Implant-Supported Dentures

There are several different ways that new teeth can be secured to the mouth with dental implants. Patients might need lower dentures, upper dentures, or both upper and lower sets. 

Anchoring a lower denture to implants involves placing four to six mini dental implants in specific spots along the lower gumline. 

An upper denture requires six to eight mini implants placed in certain spots along the upper gumline. Patients who need an entire set of teeth secured can have implants placed along both the upper and lower gumlines.

The Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures are a great choice for patients who want to continue wearing false teeth. Our use of mini dental implants provides big benefits when you stabilize your dental appliance at Brockley Dental:

The Benefits of Implant-Retained DenturesNo More Adhesive

One of the biggest complaints among people who wear dentures is having to deal with the sticky, gooey adhesive. Denture adhesive is often thick and difficult to work with, making it a daily nuisance to put your dentures in. 

When you get implant-retained dentures, your dentures will be held in place with implants. This means you’ll never have to deal with annoying adhesive products again!

More Secure Fit

Most people seek implant stabilization for their dentures primarily because of the movement of the dental piece. When you use inadequate adhesive or your appliance is ill-fitting, it will often slide in and out of place. 

Implant-retained dentures do not have this problem because we attach the teeth securely to the gum line. This means your prosthetic should no longer slip or slide out of placement.

Enhanced Comfort

Another issue with ill-fitting dentures is discomfort. When your dentures slide along the gumline or do not fit properly, it can cause everything from minor irritation to severe aching in the jaw. By stabilizing your dentures with dental implants, you can experience relief from these symptoms.

No Difficulty Chewing

One of the most common concerns with poorly fitted dentures is difficulty chewing. If your teeth move in and out of place, it is incredibly hard to chew properly. Struggling to chew your food puts excess strain on the jaw and gums, leading to pain or discomfort. 

Implant-retained dentures keep your replacement teeth securely in place and eliminate the difficulty of eating.

Why Choose Brockley Dental?

Do you struggle with loose or ill-fitting dentures? If you’re looking for a provider who specializes in mini dental implants and can stabilize your teeth, look no further than Brockley Dental Center. Patients love Brockley Dental for several reasons.

Transparent Consultations

Fears about the cost of restorative dental care can be a big deterrent for most patients. This is why Brockley Dental offers transparent consultations. First-time patients can receive a complete evaluation and customized treatment plan. When you’re ready, we’ll help you find payment options that fit your budget, such as CareCredit.

Family Practice

Brockley Dental is a family practice. Dr. Donald B. Brockley and Dr. E. Ahono Gildersleeve are a father-and-daughter team who work together to deliver compassionate, effective care to their patients. When you choose Brockley Dental for your care, you can find comfort in knowing that every patient is treated like a member of our family.

Unmatched Expertise

Having dental work done can be intimidating, but it always helps to know you are in good hands. The professionals at Brockley Dental are highly experienced and trained in cosmetic dentistry, bringing only expert care to your procedure. 

Dr. Brockley, Dr. Gildersleeve, and Dr. Gonzalez bring more than five decades of combined expertise to your treatment, ensuring you receive the quality care you deserve.

Variety of Services

It might take more than one procedure to reach the smile transformation that you’re seeking. Brockley Dental provides a wide range of treatments, including mini dental implants, implant-supported dentures, and Fix-on-Six. A few of our other dental treatments include:

All of these procedures and more can help you achieve the full, healthy smile you are looking for.

Innovative Technology

One thing that sets Brockley Dental apart from other providers is our state-of-the-art facility. Using innovative technology and the latest equipment, we are able to provide successful outcomes, employing the latest techniques for many popular dental procedures.

Implant-Retained Dentures at Brockley Dental

Have you been struggling with ill-fitting dentures that slip in and out of place when you speak or eat? Implant-retained dentures provide more stability and peace of mind for your replacement teeth. 

At Brockley Dental Center, we provide implant-retained denture treatment to patients throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area. To learn more, schedule a consultation online or by phone today!