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Are you considering dental implants to anchor loose dentures or replace missing teeth? While ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers provide dental implants, they are limited in their capabilities. When replacing teeth with implants, choosing the right provider is crucial. Brockley Dental Center in Butler, PA, is a Mini Dental Implant Center of America (MDICA), meaning that we specialize in using and placing mini dental implants. ClearChoice uses larger traditional dental implants that may not be suitable for many patients. When comparing the two options, it’s clear that mini dental implants provide unparalleled advantages for those seeking efficient, effective, and affordable solutions.

Mini Dental Implants Explained

ClearChoice Alternative in Pittsburgh, PA | Mini Implants | MDICAMini dental implants are revolutionizing dental restoration. Unlike traditional dental implants, which can be invasive and costly, mini dental implants offer a less expensive, less intrusive alternative. With a diameter of less than 3 millimeters, mini implants are significantly smaller than traditional 5+ mm implants. This allows us to place them more quickly and use them in areas where traditional implants may not fit, like jawbones weakened or narrowed from bone loss. The minimally invasive placement also makes the overall procedure more efficient and makes recovery more manageable.

Specialists at a Mini Dental Implant Center of America, like our team at Brockely Dental Center, can often place mini implants in a single visit and are immediately functional. Because of the larger dental implants used by ClearChoice, the jawbone takes months to heal fully. During this time, you’ll need to eat a soft food diet.

Additionally, mini implants can typically be placed without a bone graft procedure. This added surgery is often needed to build up the jawbone to prepare for the size of conventional implants. Unfortunately, it adds another few months to the treatment timeline.

Our mini dental implant procedure is designed to be as efficient, minimally invasive, and comfortable as possible. Unlike some experiences you might have with ClearChoice, we offer various sedation options to suit each patient’s comfort level. Finally, mini dental implants are as strong as their larger counterparts and even more resistant to bacteria buildup thanks to their sleek, single-piece design.

The MDICA Advantage Over ClearChoice

If you believe mini dental implants are the best option for you, consider getting them at a Mini Dental Implant Center of America. At Brockley Dental Center, Dr. Brockley, Dr. Gildersleeve, and Dr. Gonzalez provide a personalized experience tailored to your unique needs, unlike the generic approach you might find at ClearChoice.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose our practice:

  1. Personalized care: At Brockley Dental Center, we design tailored treatment plans to meet your unique dental needs and objectives.
  2. Comprehensive services: Beyond just implants, Brockley Dental Center provides a comprehensive selection of dental services. This means you won’t need to look elsewhere for additional dental care. Unlike ClearChoice, when you choose us for your dental needs, you’ll have the opportunity to form long-lasting relationships with your dental team.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: We understand that dental procedures can be a financial burden. That’s why we partner with various financing companies to make your treatment affordable, regardless of your budget.
  4. State-of-the-art technology: Brockley Dental Center employs cutting-edge technology for all our procedures, including mini dental implants. This ensures more efficient, accurate, and comfortable treatments.
  5. Experienced professionals: With over 50 years of combined experience, our team brings exceptional knowledge and skill to every procedure, setting us apart from options like ClearChoice.
  6. Family-focused practice: Being a family practice, we treat our patients like family. This creates a more comfortable and calming environment that contrasts with the impersonal nature of larger chains. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re here, say hi to our team of therapy dogs!

How Much Does ClearChoice Cost?

We understand that the cost of dental procedures, including mini dental implants, can be daunting. That’s why we’re committed to helping our patients better understand their dental insurance coverage and financing options. This flexibility in cost and payment choices is something you may not always find with other providers.

Experience Innovative Implant Solutions at Brockley Dental Center

Don’t let dental imperfections hold you back any longer. At Brockley Dental Center, we’re ready to help you regain confidence with a complete, healthy smile. When you choose us over ClearChoice, you’ll experience a more personalized, comprehensive, and caring approach to your dental health. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our life-changing mini dental implant procedures. Your smile deserves the best; we’re here to provide just that.

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