Denture Alternatives With Mini Dental Implants

Denture Alternatives in Butler, PA | Mini Implant Denture Options

Since their first appearance in the dentist’s office many years ago, patients have been struggling with the problems that traditional dentures bring. They’re bulky, don’t fit well, and can’t provide the same chewing power as other tooth replacement options. For those who’ve struggled with traditional dentures for years, the search for more effective denture alternatives is over. Mini dental implants present a revolutionary option, offering the foundation for implant-supported dentures that combine convenience with reliability.

Traditional Dentures: A Quick Overview

Denture Alternatives in Butler, PA | Mini Implant Denture OptionsWhen you imagine traditional dentures, you probably picture a set of false teeth sitting in a glass on your grandma’s nightstand. Conventional dentures are custom-made, removable replacements for missing teeth. Made from acrylic resin, they rest on the gums, giving wearers the appearance of a complete set of teeth. While they do their job of filling up an empty smile, they’re not without shortcomings:

  • Slippin’ and slidin’: Over time, your dentures will lose their tight fit. Dentures can sometimes move or slide inside your mouth, especially while eating or speaking, creating an unexpected embarrassing moment.
  • Messy adhesives: To counteract this movement, many folks turn to denture adhesives. But these can be gooey, messy, and not 100% reliable.
  • Discomfort and soreness: Dentures that don’t fit right can lead to irritation and general mouth discomfort day after day.
  • Oral health issues: Because dentures don’t replace your missing tooth roots, they do nothing to prevent bone loss that occurs over time.

All of these issues can be addressed with denture alternatives that use mini dental implants.

Implant Dentures

Among the various denture alternatives, implant dentures stand out above the rest. How are they different than traditional dentures? Instead of merely resting on the gums, we place mini dental implants directly into the jawbone to firmly hold your dentures. This helps to solve many of the problems with conventional dentures and improve your quality of life. Here’s what you can expect from implant dentures:

  • Stability: With implants serving as a stable base, these dentures don’t shift or slide, ensuring you can laugh, speak, and eat with renewed confidence.
  • Adhesive-free living: Implant dentures are so secure that adhesives are unnecessary, saving you time and money. Plus, they don’t require frequent adjustments like traditional ones do.
  • Custom-fit comfort: Implant dentures are custom-fit to your facial structure, and mini implants help the prosthetic to mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Types of Denture Alternatives

Implant dentures aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer different types to accommodate diverse needs. The kind that is best for you will depend on your individual goals and preferences.

  • Snap-on dentures: Also known as implant-retained overdentures, this option is a hybrid between conventional and permanent dentures. Using 4-8 mini implants as a base, overdentures “snap on” during the day for a secure fit and are removed at night for cleaning and comfort.
  • Fix-on-Six®: This semi-removable roundhouse bridge connects to your jaw with 6-10 mini implants. Even though it’s called a bridge, it still replaces all your teeth on the top or bottom arch. The semi-removable part comes from the fact that it will only be removed by a dentist like Dr. Brockley for a professional cleaning. This approach is similar to the older All-on-4® system, but Fix-on-Six uses mini implants instead of larger conventional implants.
  • Non-removable roundhouse bridge: This is the strongest and sturdiest option available. With this option, we cement a durable zirconia bridge onto 10-12 mini implants. Also known as permanent dentures, this is the closest you can find to the look and feel of natural teeth.

The Investment in Implant Dentures

Implant dentures might have a higher initial cost compared to traditional ones. However, considering the long-term benefits is crucial. Their durability means they don’t require frequent replacements or adjustments, and you can say goodbye to the hassle of adhesives. Ultimately, these factors lead to a more cost-effective and comfortable solution over time.

When you visit Brockley Dental Center, we’ll start by reviewing your insurance information, ensuring you know exactly what your plan covers. If you’re looking for financing options, we work with CareCredit, a healthcare financing company that offers different payment plans to fit your budget.

Which Denture Alternatives Are Right For You?

Traditional dentures have served their purpose for many years, but if you find yourself battling the common issues associated with them, it may be time to explore denture alternatives. Call our office to schedule a consultation today and see how implant dentures can transform your life.

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