Dental Roundhouse Bridge: An Alternative to Dentures

Dental Roundhouse Bridge in Butler, PA | Fixed Denture Solutions

Having a gap in your smile can feel like wearing a shirt with a missing button. It’s a noticeable and nagging frustration that can impact your confidence. Now, imagine your shirt was missing all its buttons—that would drastically change how it looks and functions. Just as a tailor can easily fix a button-less shirt, an experienced dentist can rejuvenate a toothless smile. If you’re missing all your teeth on your upper or lower arch, we can restore your smile with a dental roundhouse bridge.

Oral health awareness can be improved in Pennsylvania, as only 68% of the adult population uses the oral health care system. Considering that 7% of adults aged 45+ have already lost all their teeth, there is a critical need for education and access to advanced tooth replacement solutions. Dental roundhouse bridges are not as well known as other restorative options like dental crowns or dentures, but they offer a reliable approach that combines stability, aesthetics, and functionality.

What Is a Dental Roundhouse Bridge?

Dental Roundhouse Bridge in Butler, PA | Fixed Denture SolutionsYou may have heard of traditional, tooth-supported dental bridges. These prosthetics are often used to fill a gap left by one to three missing teeth in a row. Implant-supported bridges share this purpose but use dental implants, rather than natural teeth, for support.

The aspect that sets a roundhouse bridge apart from a regular dental bridge is the number of teeth that it replaces. Like a roundhouse kick that sweeps across the body in a circle, a roundhouse bridge replaces all the teeth in the arch. This horseshoe-shaped prosthetic offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for extreme tooth loss.

To fully restore the teeth, the roundhouse bridge connects to dental implants, which are metal screws placed directly into the jawbone. These screws provide a stable and secure base for the roundhouse bridge. As a result, the roundhouse bridge system is an implant denture that offers a superior alternative to traditional dentures.

Why Get a Dental Roundhouse Bridge?

There are many solutions for restoring and restoring missing teeth. So, why choose a roundhouse bridge over a traditional pair of dentures?

  1. Far greater stability: The biggest reason roundhouse bridges are a superior choice to conventional dentures is their solid foundation of dental implants. By just sitting on top of your gums, dentures will eventually lose their fit and slide around in your mouth. Because a roundhouse bridge is connected to dental implants, it’s much more stable.
  2. Fully restored function: Missing teeth make it challenging to chew food or speak clearly. While traditional dentures help, they do not provide the bite force needed to eat certain crunchy, tough, or chewy foods. With a dental roundhouse bridge, you regain full functionality, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite foods again.
  3. Enhanced smile appearance: A dental roundhouse bridge instantly restores your natural smile. This prosthetic looks more like your original teeth than a pair of dentures and will never unexpectedly slip out.
  4. Increased durability: Roundhouse bridges are made of zirconia, a material ten times harder than tooth enamel. They can last many years with proper care, making them a worthwhile investment for oral health.

The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

At Brockley Dental Center, we use innovative mini dental implants to secure roundhouse bridges. That’s because mini implants offer many advantages over traditional dental implants. As their name suggests, size is the key difference between these two devices. Mini implants are less than half the size of traditional implants, so we can use them in patients with less jawbone density. Their slim size also allows us to place them closer together, enhancing support for the bridge.

We sometimes refer to this system as Fix-on-Six® because six to ten mini implants support the bridge. This is an upgrade to the All-on-4® method, which uses four traditional implants to support the teeth. Thanks to the added implants, Fix-on-Six® more effectively distributes bite and chewing forces across the jawbone. This system is also reliable, as it prevents total system collapse if one of the implants fails.

You don’t have to worry about the added implants extending the procedure or increasing pain. Mini implants are much simpler and quicker to place than traditional implants. We use a minimally invasive technique that reduces discomfort and facilitates a quick recovery. While conventional implants can take months to heal before the process can be completed, with mini implants, we can place the screws and mount the bridge in one visit. Therefore, mini implants enable immediate results. The entire process is more efficient with mini implants, contributing to a lower cost than conventional implants.

What Does a Roundhouse Bridge Cost?

Factors contributing to the cost of a roundhouse bridge are the number of dental implants required for your particular case and whether preparatory procedures, such as extractions, are needed.

We recognize that the financial aspect of dental procedures can be intimidating. At Brockley Dental Center, we aim to address these concerns proactively. At your visit, we’ll review your insurance coverage so you understand your plan’s coverage. If you want to finance your treatment, we partner with CareCredit to offer several flexible payment plans. Whether you prefer short or long-term financing, options are available to help make treatment manageable.

Your Next Step

Brockley Dental Center is committed to offering comprehensive, patient-centered care. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we tailor our recommendations based on patients’ concerns, desires, and oral health needs. If you are missing teeth and are looking for the best solutions, we can help. Call us today to schedule your first visit and discover how a dental roundhouse bridge can transform your smile.

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