Mini Dentures: A Modern Solution for Tooth Loss

Mini Dentures in Butler, PA | Dental Implants | Tooth Replacement

Adding the prefix “mini” to a word sometimes suggests a smaller, lesser version. For instance, mini-golf is a smaller version of golf, lacking the full range of clubs, shot types, and natural beauty. Similarly, a minivan is smaller than a full-size van and can’t carry as many people or as much cargo. However, when it comes to dentures secured by dental implants, “mini” means more benefits, not less!

Compared to conventional dental implants, mini implants are easier to place, require less healing time, and are more cost-effective, all while providing similar strength and stability. Choosing these innovative implants to stabilize your dentures is a wise investment in your oral health.

What Are Mini Dentures?

Mini Dentures in Butler, PA | Dental Implants | Tooth ReplacementThe term “mini dentures” really describes a set of full-size dentures held in place with mini dental implants. We screw these narrow implants into the jawbone, providing a much more stable base than traditional dentures, which rely on suction to the gums to stay in place.

The added stability provided by implants has several benefits. First, implants offer a tighter, more comfortable fit. This improvement in fit provides additional chewing and biting power and eliminates the irritation of loose dentures. Second, implants stimulate your jawbone, preventing the bone deterioration that follows tooth loss. Finally, implant dentures provide the piece of mind that your teeth won’t ever move or slide unexpectedly in your mouth. You can eat, speak, laugh, and smile confidently, knowing you have a stable, natural-looking set of teeth.

The Mini Dental Implant Advantage

The benefits of choosing mini dental implants to secure your dentures include:

  • Minimally invasive placement: Placing traditional dental implants, which are substantially larger, requires surgical techniques like incisions and stitches. Mini implants are less than 3 mm wide, so we can use minimally invasive methods instead. As a result, their placement process is more straightforward, more comfortable, and quicker for patients.
  • Faster recovery timeline: The minimally invasive placement combined with the slim profile of mini implants allows for a much shorter healing process. Immediately after the procedure, you may feel mild discomfort, but this will dissipate within 48 hours, allowing you to resume your normal routines quickly. The implant fuses with the bone in about three weeks—much faster than the 3-6 months needed for larger traditional implants.
  • More affordable: Because of this significantly reduced healing, easier placement, and fewer visits required, dentures secured with mini implants are less expensive than those anchored by conventional ones.

The Procedure and Benefits

The procedure for mini dentures at Brockley Dental Center is streamlined and patient-centric. It begins with a consultation, where we will examine your mouth, take X-rays, plan your treatment, and answer your questions. Once you decide to move forward, we’ll also take an impression of your mouth to create your custom prosthetic.

On the day of the procedure, we will apply a local anesthetic to ensure your experience is pain-free. While mini implant placement is quick and efficient, we also offer sedation dentistry options for patients with dental anxiety. We’ll place the implants as needed throughout the jawbone to properly support your dentures. To do this, we drill a small pilot hole into the gums and screw the implant into the hole.

The implants provide a stable foundation for your custom denture. While your permanent prosthetic is being made, we’ll fit you with a temporary denture. Once your new denture is ready, you’ll return for a final fitting.

Opting for mini implant dentures at Brockley Dental Center means choosing a life-changing dental solution. The benefits of more stable dentures include:

  • Enhanced comfort: Securing your prosthetic with mini implants gives it a more comfortable fit and natural feel.
  • Improved oral health: Implants stimulate the jawbone, helping maintain bone and tissue health and preserving your facial structure.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Because we use high-quality materials like zirconia, your new teeth will look more natural, improving your smile’s appearance.
  • Dietary freedom: The strength of titanium mini implants allows you to regain the biting and chewing power of natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy a wider variety of foods.

How Much Do Mini Implant Dentures Cost?

When considering mini implant dentures, it’s essential to understand aspects like treatment costs, insurance coverage, and financing options. At Brockley Dental Center, our detailed consultations include a transparent discussion of costs. We’ll also help you determine whether your dental insurance covers any portion of your treatment expense. For those with out-of-pocket expenses, we work with the financing company CareCredit to make treatment affordable for every budget.

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